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No matter when you have a problem and need a locksmiths Newcastle, give us a call. And we’ll be happy to send over one of our locksmith Newcastle to help. 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

The Quickest Locksmiths in Newcastle

We guarantee there aren’t quicker Newcastle locksmith. Call us as soon as you have any problems. And we’ll rush over as soon as we can and we won’t leave until we get your problem sorted.

20 Years of Experience in Newcastle upon Tyne

We here at DJR Locksmith Newcastle have over 20 years of experience. Since we are a family run business you can be sure that we make sure that all jobs are finished to a standard we are proud to put our name to.

Great Value

Our aim is to make sure that all you get a fair price for all work completed. Especially in your time of need. We also make sure that we use the best parts to make sure that they last a life time. All products backed by our own personal warranty. Our locksmith Newcastle team have also been trained to the highest standard. Meaning they are pros at what they do, just sit back and let them take over.

We make sure that all of our work is a great value for the price we charge. We make sure to use the best quality tools and replacements. So that you can be sure that your home is safe and sound. All of our services are covered by our personal guarantee. And our Newcastle locksmiths will not leave until you’re happy.

The Best Trained Locksmiths Newcastle

All of our locksmiths Newcastle have been trained to the highest standards. We have made sure to keep them all up to date with advancements in technologies. Making sure that our Newcastle locksmiths are able to deal with any problem that they may come across. All so you can get the best service available.

No Leaving Until You Are Happy

Our customers mean everything to us. We make sure that anyone one of a locksmith Newcastle won’t leave until you’re happy with the job. There is nothing more that our Newcastle locksmiths want more that to put a smile on your face.

Our Newcastle locksmith are Always Happy to Help

DJR locksmiths and our locksmiths Newcastle are committed to providing the best locksmiths service that Newcastle has ever seen. Ensured by our long history in Newcastle we have helped thousands of our customers, get back in to their homes and cars. We have also made helped to replace doors, windows and secured hundreds of home, all to make Newcastle a safer place.



A Few Words From Our Customers

Called the guys and they were here in 15 minutes, got us and kids back in house in no time and were so polite, would recommend to anyone!

  • Susan Campbell

Got locked out at the supermarket, called DJR Locksmiths and they came over and helped me get back on the road straight away

  • Robert Murray

Great guy who knows his stuff, got us back in the house after being locked out at 2:30 in the morning, helped us out a lot

  • Jack Fletcher


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Services at DJR Locksmith Newcastle

Here at DJR Locksmiths our locksmiths Newcastle upon Tyne offer all home and auto locksmith services throughout Newcastle upon Tyne. We offer both emergency and planned visits as well as not charging any call out fees. Our main objective all of our jobs is customer satisfaction. Our Newcastle locksmith aim to be at your location as soon as possible and usually within an hour of your call. We also keep stock to hand meaning no waiting for parts and most jobs are completed during the first visit. Feel free to call us whenever you have a problem and you’ll be connected to one of our locksmiths Newcastle who help you right away.

Special Offers at DJR Locksmiths

We offer discounts to students and OAP’s as well as commercial discounts for landlords. So when you call one of our numbers above feel free to mention if you need a discount and make sure to inform any of our locksmith Newcastle. Our OAP clients can ask for a security test can be performed at your residence, exposing any vulnerabilities. Our Newcastle locksmiths will look for breaches such as safety, fire and safety as well as checking that all locks and doors are covered by your insurance policy. Bringing peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Picking a Locksmiths Newcastle

Picking a locksmiths in Newcastle in something that is normally done only in emergencies. So the most important factor is making sure that they offer emergency locksmith services in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This means that you are able to call us night or day whatever day of the week and well comedown and help get you back home.

All of our Newcastle Locksmiths are Trained and Certified

Making sure that your Newcastle locksmith is certified and registered is crucial when allowing someone to gain access to your home, where you hold all of your treasured possessions. Here at DJR Locksmiths we make sure to be as transparent as possible to insure that you can trust us completely.

Therefore we aim to the most trustworthy locksmith companies in Newcastle. So if you are locked out of your home or car, make sure that you call us as soon as you can so we can hurry over and help. We as a company specialize in home security and auto locks, and with over ten years of experience you can bet that we know exactly what we’re doing and well find the most cost effective solution to your problems.

CRB certified

All of our locksmith Newcastle are certified and CRB checked meaning that there all up to date and completely knowledgeable, these are some of the most important factors when it comes to picking a locksmith in Newcastle, and these are the reasons why we invest so much in the training of our locksmith, all of who have a tracked record of being some of the best in Newcastle.

It is also important that you are able to trust the locksmith that you choose which is why we advertise all of our qualifications and certificates.

How much does DJR Locksmiths Newcastle charge?

Let’s face it, when you need one a good locksmith Newcastle is priceless, but that doesn’t mean that it has to cost an arm and a leg, one of our aims is to make sure that we never take advantage of our clients when there in venerable situations, which means we’ll give you a quote when you call us and that is the price you’ll pay. Feeling better?

Now some questions you can ask to help us both out;

How long will the Newcastle locksmith take?

We here at DJR Locksmiths normally aim to be with you within an hour of your call, speed and customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us, meaning well rush over as quickly as we can!

Do your locksmith Newcastle upon Tyne charge call out fees?

Nope, we have our locksmiths Newcastle team on call at all times, so no matter what time you call you won’t inconvenience us

How much do the parts cost? And will you need to replace them?

We use the best parts possible, however we buy parts in bulk so we can bring the saving to you and we will only replace locks where absolutely necessary which is hardly ever!

We believe in making sure that our customers are completely happy with our services so we aim to make sure that we only use the best quality materials possible.

Where are your Newcastle Locksmiths based?

our main base is right in the middle of Newcastle Upon Tyne meaning that our locksmith Newcastle will be able to reach you in no time, our locksmiths in Newcastle also are constantly working throughout the city so well make sure to let the our closest locksmith in Newcastle to you.


How To Make My Home Safer?

Your home can be made safer with a few quick and easy changes. The first step is identifying obvious weaknesses in your home security. Take good look with the aim of identifying how you would break in to your home if you had too. Without a doubt, you’ll find a few glaring weaknesses, windows routinely left open, doors with weak locks, and garden walkways which are just out of site.

After you’ve identified these, make sure to list them as these will be the areas of your home that you fix first. Also take note on what you can do on a regular basis to keep your home safe. Lock windows, replace weak locks with strong ones and add security lights and cameras to deter anyone with ill intentions. By making these checks habits the payoff is huge, peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Another extra tip is to keep expensive items and electronics out of plain sight. This will keep your home looking like a treasure trove for would be thieves. By removing temptation you stop your home becoming a target.

Can a Locksmith Newcastle help make my home safer?

In a word yes! That’s exactly what we’er here for, we don’t just help people get back into their homes we also make sure that there homes are safe and secure. No matter what budget you are working with We’ll make sure that we find a solution to help you out. Our skilled Newcastle locksmiths will assist you with any queries about home security you may have and will help out in any way they can.

Make sure to get in touch with anyone of our skilled locksmith Newcastle team. We have made the the process quick and easy. All you have to do is pick up the phone and set up and appointment. Our trusted Newcastle locksmiths all have years of experience and will breeze through the surveying process. Giving you a breakdown off all the ways your home could be made more secure.

You can also give us a call for advice over the phone. We’re happy to give you estimates and quotes over the phone. If you are unable to set up an appointment with one of our locksmiths Newcastle.

Here at DJR Locksmiths Newcastle, we like to take care of our customers. we like to make sure that they are happy and feel satisfied with all of our services. So its safe to say that we take our jobs seriously and wont leave until you’re happy.


Why DJR Locksmith Newcastle Recommends Taking a Look at Your Garden

Our locksmiths in Newcastle don’t just look at your doors and windows. We also make sure to take a look at your garden. Gardens are often overlooked but can be a goldmine to those that want to break in your homes. We show you areas at the back of your homes that can be major weaknesses in your home security. By getting in touch one of our Newcastle locksmith technicians will take you through how to make your garden more secure.

Our locksmith Newcastle technicians will give you a run through of how to improve your garden. We will show you improvements that do not ruin how you garden look but make it safer at the same time.

DJR Locksmiths skilled Newcastle locksmiths crew know home security like the back of their hands. They live and breath it everyday so you know that they will be able to sniff out any problems that you have within minutes.

Are Security Lights Important?

Placing security lights in dark areas surrounding you home is a great way to increase security, and cheap too. Simply by placing these in walkways and by doors you’ll startle anyone who thinks they can get too close to home. They are great deterrents to that can be added to the outside of your home within minutes. They are also one of the standard pieces of equipment that our locksmith Newcastle carry.

There are a couple of different types to choose from, the first being flood lights.

Flood lights are often high wattage and secured about 10 feet high, they are bright and can light up big open spaces like your front and back gardens.

The second are Bulkhead lights which are better suited to areas which are narrow or do not need as much light, such as doorways, porches, back doors and small walkways.

Usually a standard home will need a combination of both. But since they are generally pretty cheap and easy to set up these are one of the easiest ways to improve your home. And yes out Newcastle locksmith team can install them.

Should We Make Our Home Key-less?

The trend of key-less home has surged over the pass few years. The ability to track who’s come in and out, to open doors with out being present and not having to worry about keys are all great pluses. So if your thinking about going key-less read on and we’ll give you a little run down.

There are lots of pros of a key-less system which is why they have become so popular. No keys to worry about, being able to let the kids in before your back, being able to see what time they *really* got home. And deterring anyone from entering since your doors are now more secure than ever. It’s no doubt that key-less may just become the new norm.

However there are a few cons that we’ll talk about. The first being that more often then not pin numbers replace your keys. If people find out the pin number to your home, there is nothing stopping them from walking right through your front door.

Another is that a lot of the newer systems rely on being powered on. this isn’t a huge problem but could be a inconvenience if your power goes out.

If your still interested in key-less systems call our Newcastle locksmiths team to talk more about the possibilities in your home. We have a full range from digital locks with key fobs to fully ‘SMART’ locks that can be controlled with your phone.

DJR locksmiths Newcastle truly a 24 Hour Service

DJR locksmiths Newcastle, provide a 24 hour service that covers the whole of Newcastle. That’s 24/7/365 yep every day of the year 24 hours a day. Our Newcastle locksmith team take on every job you can think of. Letting families backing in to their homes. Securing residences for businesses.Installing home security for the safety conscious and much more.

Our Newcastle locksmiths team can solve any problem you put their way big or small. Need a to get in after you’ve lost your keys? No Problem. Need to upgrade the security on your business premises? Job done. Need you location securing after a break in at 3am? We’re there. Our Locksmiths Newcastle can also reprogram your key-less systems. Reprogram digital locks, and we have all the right parts to keep your insurance company happy. So whether you’ve lost your keys or you want to completely update all of your security and add more. We’ll take it on and we’ll make sure its done right the first time.

Providing an exceptional service is something that we take pride in. We don’t do half jobs and we don’t take short cuts. Call us and you’ll see how we are able to help you over the phone so you feel comfortable choosing us. We’ll give you a quote and give you an estimate of how long it will take to get to you in emergencies.  We provide a around the clock service in Newcastle. So whether you’re locked out at 3 am or need help at 4 pm give us a call.

DJR Locksmith Newcastle Property Inspections

By making a few little changes you can seriously improve your home security. These changes can huge payoffs. Not only in keeping your home safer but also making you feel safer. This allows you to relax knowing that your home is protected and secure.

These changes can be as easy as replacing locks to newer stronger ones. which can often be done without having to replace your door. Another being latch lock which needs a key to open from the outside. These improvements can be made in an afternoon and improve your security for years.

DJR Locksmith Newcastle are experts in property inspection. We’ll make sure that we go through your property with fine tooth comb. Making sure that we leave nothing un-inspected. Our inspections will break down everything that could be done to make your property as secure as possible. A through security inspection includes both indoor and outdoor checks. With one of our Newcastle locksmith you’ll be able to see how DJR Locksmiths Newcastle can completely revamp your property. Make sure to give us a call and we have a conversation how we can improve the standard of security in your properties.


If you’ve read this far, you can be sure that we put a lot of pride into our work here at DJR Locksmiths and we aim to be the best Newcastle locksmith company of all time, so make sure you call us at 01914326745.We are also listed on yell.com so you can rest assured that we are a reliable company that you can trust.

 DJR Locksmiths Newcastle are the best locksmith Newcastle there is. Make sure that you give out Newcastle locksmiths a call as if you're locked out. We will make sure to get you back into your home and our Newcastle locksmith technician will do this as effortlessly as possible.This will make sure that you can get back into your homes and not have to worry about any destruction.

DJR Locksmiths Business Solutions

If you are looking for a locksmith for your business look no  further. Our Newcastle locksmiths can undertake any commercial locksmiths needs. Whether you need locks replacing for your store or you need a locksmith company on call for your apartment complex. Not only do you get fully trained and qualified Newcastle locksmith but you also get complete around the clock care.  And we offer packages to suit all kinds of business both big and small. We also allow custom packages to allow business the option of picking the type of security and care that they want.

Our aim here to build high quality solutions in home and commercial security, that are both practical and functional. We do this by listening to our commercial customers and building packages that work for them. This is because we with the aim of building long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Building custom security solutions of one of our strong suits. These are tailored around your specific wants and needs, leaving you to run your company knowing that your security is taken care of. Get in touch with us and we can give you a run down of the services we offer and recommendations. We offer intruder alarms, CCTV, locking systems, multi user digital locks and more. We at DJR Locksmith Newcastle also offer different levels of commercial residential care for rental companies, estate agents and landlords.

Newcastle locksmiths For Business

Do you need a locksmith Newcastle for your business? Maybe its your store? Or your warehouses? Call us and we’ll help you with what your looking for and we’ll take care of all of your Security needs.

Here at DJR Locksmith Newcastle we know the importance of protecting your company. We get it stock is expensive, time off is expensive and even worse are the days where you can open. That’s where we come in. Our Newcastle locksmith help to make sure that your premises are as secure as they can be. We’ll run an audit of you premises and give you a run down of all the improvements that should be made. Securing premises is something that we have years of experience in and we do a damn good job.

Here Are Some of Our Benefits

  • Audits on premises assessing current security levels.
  • Business accounts for all business, big to small
  • All areas of security are handled by us
  • Checklists on upgrades to be made
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service
  • Great Rates for all clients

We operate throughout Newcastle. And  our locksmith Newcastle are able to get to most places within an 30 minutes. So if you have an emergency you can be sure that we’ll be able to get there pretty quickly.

Even our most basic locksmith business packages offer the most important needs you’ll have. Fixing and replacing locks, emergency access into business premises, 24 hour response. This give you complete piece of mind knowing your premises is safe.

We take great pride in being the best Newcastle locksmiths. We make sure that all of our staff are friendly and professional.And more so we make sure that you are left happy after every visit.

Your Time is Valuable

We know that a day lost is money lost when running a business. That’s why our Newcastle locksmith make sure that we make efficiency a top priority when helping our business clients. We also are happy to schedule work for  out of business hours so that any work that needs to carried out doesn’t effect your day.

If your still on the fence, then you should know that we don’t charge you until all work is carried out. And you’ll be aware of all charges as the job goes on so there’ll be no surprises.

As mentioned above, we aim to get to you within 30 minutes. This comes as standard no matter what package you have. As well as this you can book our Newcastle locksmith in advance for a time that would suit you and your business best.

we at DJR locksmith Newcastle, have never came across a job we couldn’t handle. No matter how big or complicated the job may be. Our Newcastle locksmiths have the training, skills and experience to tackle anything your throw at them.

That’s not all, We also offer basic services such as key cutting, meaning as your team grows you’ll never have to worry about keys.

But what if they snap? Or what if you get locked outside? Don’t worry! We can get you back in, and you wont have to worry about damage to your premises. Our Newcastle locksmiths will make sure to use non destructive methods. All so you don’t have to worry about claiming on your insurance, making life just a little easier.

So if you need anything, from a basic locksmith service to a complete security overhaul call us. And we’ll talk you through all of the ways that we can help you out.

Newcastle Locksmiths Security Solutions

You know as much as we do that all businesses are at the threat of crime. This means its vital to protect your premises so that your business is safe.

At DJR locksmiths,We can send over a Newcastle locksmith to help assess what risks your premises has. This will help to see what parts of your building or warehouse is vulnerable to crime. You can book an appointment with us, for a time that is convenient with you. Which will help to find the best over security solution for you. this will then be tailor made to fit your specific needs.

They are hundred of ways to improve your business security. What ever your budget may be. And we can help you to divide what the most vital additions are so that you can add the rest later if needed. This can be improved door locks, security bars, and assisting with CCTV options. Keep in mind that all of these options will be tailored to your specific business meaning that your business will never have to suffer.

If you have any questions give us a call, and you go straight to one of our Newcastle locksmith. We are always ready to help, and will give you a no obligation quote so you can see how were compare to other Newcastle locksmiths. What ever your business is, we are sure that we can help protect it and help you sleep a little better at night.

Need a Newcastle locksmith to protect your assets?

Having a growing business can be stressful. We know that, that why we feel the need to help other business owners protect everything they’ve worked for. Security is paramount for businesses, ignore it and the worst happens? You’re bust. There are few things that can ruin a business quicker that waking up and finding everything your own gone. Even with insurance, it take weeks to get your assets back and that means barely earning a thing in the mean time.

If you own a business you know that this is your worst nightmare. Working harder than everyone you know, that last thing you need are problems because of your security and protection. By talking to a Newcastle locksmith, you’ll get someone who knows exactly what your going through. And they’ll work tirelessly to get you the best protection you need. Our Newcastle locksmiths are experts in their fields, and will custom build a solution just for you.

If you need a full security package, well send over one of our trusted Newcastle locksmith technicians to go through the improvements that you need. If agreed we will then make a plan that suits you and get started improving your security measures sticking to the agreed plan and tailor building to the specifications of your business. We aim to make this as stress-less as possible so that there are no disruptions to your day to day business.

Protecting Your Business is Our Top Priority

Keeping your business and staff safe is of huge importance. You want to feel that your assets and safe. And your employees will appreciate working in a safe environment. If you’re a business owner who has thought about improving the security of your business then make sure to give one of our locksmiths Newcastle call. And as mentioned above our locksmith Newcastle technicians  work around the clock, so you’ll get 24/7 care.

Different types of premises require different approaches. Our Newcastle locksmiths know this. Simply due to the factors that which make them all different. For example a warehouse may need more lock protection than an office complex. Or a Store may need specialized access for select members of staff. these are all features that we can incorporate into your security package. Often premises such as those in business parks are dark and empty at night times. So these would need more sophisticated equipment like night vision CCTV and motion detectors. As you can see we are able to help you no matter what type of business you have. And our Newcastle locksmith will help you to cover all of your basis.

Can Your Locksmith Newcastle Work on a Budget?

So if you have any concerns with your security, give us a call and we’ll send out a Newcastle locksmith technician, to give your site an inspection.  This way you can see exactly what needs doing and how to get we’ll get it done. We’ll also point out any high risk vulnerabilities that your premises may have.

We know that budgets are important when it comes to security, and although our Newcastle locksmith are able to work with all budgets. You can rest assured that your security packages will be one of the best investments that you ever make. So be sure that investing in a security package is a long term investment that could end up being priceless. Not only can it bring piece of mind but it will also act as a deterrent to any would be thief. It can also save you months of stress if the worst should happen.

CCTV for Business Premises

No matter how old you business is, of you’re brand new. We’ll get all of security sorted, and its completely fine if you would like to start off basic and upgrade as time goes on. Our Newcastle locksmiths will tailor a plan that works for you, that is inline with your budget, wants and needs.

Our locksmiths Newcastle can help you with anything.  From CCTV, replacement locks, locking systems and anything else you could think of. All of these will help to keep your property safe and secure, protecting your assets. We’ll also take your insurance policy into account so that you wont have any problems with them.

CCTV is one of the most important security solutions that a business can invest in. They are standard in all of our security packages, no matter what type you purchase. Not only does CCTV monitor your premises, giving you eyes everywhere. But they are one of the biggest deterrents to those wanting to commit crime. Our Newcastle locksmiths know this, so will make sure that they add these everywhere that there is any sort of vulnerability.

CCTV is also a huge help if any problems occur on your property. They help with police investigations and can be a requirement of insurance polices. These reasons should be enough to make sure that you invest in a CCTV system. But if you need more, you’ll be surprised to know that we can set up CCTV systems to work with other appliance such as alarms and and live steaming so you’ll have multiple copies. Our Locksmiths Newcastle can help set all of this up to work seamlessly.

Can your locksmiths Newcastle help me choose?

If you are stuck to what type of CCTV system would work best for you, give us a call and well guide you to what would be best for you and your business. That could be overt cameras that act as a deterrent, or concealed where its not obvious that people are being recorded. These all serve different purposes and would work for different business. Our Newcastle locksmith technicians are experts when it comes to security so you’ll be in good hands.

We have worked with a huge number of businesses throughout Newcastle. Helping them to secure and protect their businesses. This is what our Newcastle locksmiths do, day in day out. So you know you’ll be taken care of when you choose to work with DJR Locksmiths Newcastle.